It’s already a stressful process selling a house but navigating divorce amps up the emotion. Two people, intrinsically entwined who now have to make difficult decisions about selling their home – often a family home bursting with memories. It’s a raw and emotional roller coaster of feelings where discussions are often driven by the heart not the head.

We frequently represent clients who are navigating through divorce. As trusted, experienced Realtors® we care. We care about BOTH parties. We remain neutral and we help you make important decisions based on fact not emotion.

A common misconception is the importance of having separate representation in the marketing and sale of common property. Not only does this break any continuity and increase tensions but also prevents cohesive decision making and agreeable negotiations.

If you or your spouse have a trusting relationship with a successful Real Estate agent, rest assured this is far more valuable then hiring a party unknown to either of you. The known Agent has a vested interest in getting you the highest dollar and common terms to allow both to move on without additional disruption.

An experienced Realtor® will undertake a thorough market evaluation of your home and present BOTH of you with the facts. We find a way to work together.